Rodger G. Ford Data Archive

Vision And Savvy: Man Of The Year (Quick Printing: August 1988) (Pg. 2, Pg. 3, Pg 4)

Franchises Aren't Easy To Come Buy: Phoenix Gazette

Subfranchisors: Franchising's Middlemen Profit Handsomely: USA Today 5/11/88

Quick Printer Repeats Success: Arizona Business Gazette 8/15/88 (Pg. 2)

AlphaGraphics Sells 25% to R.R. Donnelly: Tuscon Citizen

First AlphaGraphics Shop Opens In Spain: 80 Planned: Arizona Daily Star 7/4/89

Blueprint For Success (AlphaGraphics): Phoenix Gazette

AlphaGraphics Success in Moscow proves Skeptics Wrong: Arizona Daily Star 4/22/90

Award Recipient: Professional Services

AlphaGraphics: Quick Printing For The Global Village: Xerox (Spring 1990) (Pg. 2)

AlphaGraphics Franchise Is Pace-Setter In The Gulf: Arizona Daily Star 1/15/91

Franchisor is pursuing Real Estate Opportunity: Arizona Daily Star 11/23/92

Pet Hotel Will Offer All The Comforts Of Home: Inside Tuscon Business 11/4/96

Hotel Pampers Pets While Owners Take A Powder: Tuscon Citizen 2/22/97

Woof: The Latest Thing In Boarding Is The Cats Meow: Tuscon Citizen: 9/23/97 (Pg 2, Pg 3)

Treat Your Pet to Kitty City or Doggie Delight At New PetsHotel: Green Valley News And Sun 8/8/97

Tuscon Hotel Caters To 4 Legged Guests: Arizona Republic 1/16/00 (Pg. 2)

PETsHotel Owners Win Award: Tuscon Citizen 6/29/00